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A child will often live in a world full of creativity and imagination. They look up to their parents as role models and want to be like mummy or daddy. This world of their imagination can be used effectively by the counsellor and can indeed work in their favour. The counsellor is able to use the child’s own language and areas of interest to connect with their world. Counselling & Hypnotherapy can be very effective for Children.

It is very important that the child feels comfortable and safe with their therapist and this ensures that they are willing to engage fully in the process. If the child is under 16, the Parent or Guardian must be present throughout the Therapy. Parents, of course, are a vital part of the treatment plan, and should be encouraged to be fully involved. However, the main relationship is between the therapist and the child.

Children Issues

Counselling is very effective with Children because children have great imaginations and can use their minds very creatively. A child responds brilliantly to counselling treatment because children like to go on an adventure into their subconscious minds and make positive lasting changes which they can take with themselves into adulthood in the future. Therapist Anthony Fenech specialises in helping children to overcome any issues or problems and is very helpful to parents who may also benefit tremendously from his services. As all sessions are bespoke and tailored to suit your individual needs, this means that each package will be designed specifically for the child.

Ongoing Support

Once your child is free from the issue, think of all the positive benefits the child will have as a result and you will find that children, who complete the program, also gain other positive benefits as a result and because children have so much energy, they can spend more time doing something fun or healthy instead. All sessions are personalised to suit the child. Anthony Fenech also provides an ongoing after care service so that help and support is there for you whenever you need it. Your success is our success and our aim is to help you until you succeed!

The UK's Leading Counsellor & Hypnotherapist Anthony Fenech specialises in helping children with the following types of Children Issues.

Nail Biting / Thumb Sucking
Children who bite their nails when feeling anxious or nervous or have developed a habit of sucking their thumbs and continue to do so once they pass the oral stage of development.

Children who stutter perhaps due to a traumatic event in early years or due to feeling insecure or threatened whilst communication.

Children who are being bullied at home, at school or in the playground, any place within the outside environment where children are being picked on and feel threatened either or both mentally or physically.

Anxiety Disorders
Children who suffer from anxiety due to trauma, or panic attacks.

Becoming a Step Child
Children who are going to become a step-child and need to adjust to being a step-child so that they can cope more easily with the impending changes in their lives.

Fears / Phobias
Children who have developed fears and phobia of e.g. spiders, planes, mice etc etc.

Childhood Stress
Children who have suffered stress and trauma in their childhood and need help to become stress free and remove the root of the stress which has been caused.

Children who wet the bed either as a result of anxiousness or nightmares and continue to wet the bed longer than it is normal to do so.

Self Esteem
Children who have a very low opinion of themselves and may be depressed. Children who do not feel loved and therefore have no love for themselves either or little love and need to understand who worthy and lovable they truly are.

Children who have no confidence in themselves, who do not exhibit confidence or need more confidence within themselves.

Sad Child

Bereavement / Loss
Children who have suffered a bereavement or loss in the family and need therapy to help them to come to terms with their loss so that they can move forward in their lives.

Children who feel guilty about an event or trauma which has happened and they blame themselves and think it is all their own fault and need to understand that they are not to blame.

Children who are angry and exhibit anger and become disruptive and unruly due to anger issue because they feel unable to change the situation which is causing them to be angry and are unable to cope due to a lack of experience in anger.

Divorce of Parents
Children whose parents have become divorced and have perhaps been in the middle of arguments and accusation or threats and struggle to cope with the break-up of the happy family home.

Children who become violent at home or at school and lash out because they feel unable to cope with the pressures of the situation presented and life circumstances, and violence is a means of coping.

Children who have developed a habit of stealing and perhaps due to the thrill of getting away with it and are in danger of become theives or robbers if the trend continues into adult life.

Suicidal Thoughts
Children who have suicidal thoughts due to being depressed and very unhappy with circumstances in their lives. Children who feel under immense pressure and are unable to cope with life demands.

Children who are depressed due to circumstances, feeling unable to achieve what they want perhaps due to restrictions and pressure which has been put on them and they feel trapped or unloved and misunderstood.

Children who take drugs, children who smoke or drink alcohol or harder drugs such as cocaine, ecstacy, speed or even heroin. Children who are in danger of becoming addicts at a young age.

Disruptive Behaviour
Children who behave disruptively in the home or at school and exhibit disruptive behaviour. Children who disrupt the lives of those around them due to their own unhappiness and possible insecurities

Children who harm themselves or slit their wrists or do damage to themselves due to being very unhappy in their lives or feel guilty or ashamed of themselves and want to do harm to themselves.


Potty Training
Children who struggle to come to terms with going to the toilet and continue to poo in their nappies and do not seem to grasp the concept of going to the toilet in their potties or in the toilet itself.

Children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Sexual Abuse
Children who have suffered from sexual abuse at the hands of sexual predators and need to cope or come to terms with the pain and suffering that this has caused or is causing them.

Eating Problems
Children who do not eat properly or do not eat at all, or children who have serious issue with their appetite.