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Therapeutic Clinical Counselling & Hypnotherapy by Anthony Fenech

Trauma Termination Counselling & Hypnotherapy Specialist using Therapeutic Techniques!

Overcome traumatic experiences with tailored counselling therapy from Anthony Fenech. The UK's Premier Counsellor & Hypnotherapist Anthony Fenech specialises in assisting with trauma recovery for clients in the London & throughout the United Kingdom. Helping People all over the World to Succeed!

Trauma Counselling Packages

Personally because of the advanced state of the art techniques which Anthony Fenech uses, we find that Trauma treatment is swift and effective. Anthony Fenech also offers an Ongoing support service so help you with any support or help you may need. The reason we do this, is because we don't succeed unless you succeed, so your success is our success too.

Types of Trauma Treated by Clinical Counsellor & Hypnotherapist, Anthony Fenech

Sexual Abuse or Assault
Sexual abuse includes actual or attempted sexual contact, exposure to age-inappropriate sexual material or environments, and sexual exploitation. Assault indicates unwanted or coercive sexual contact.

Physical Abuse or Assault
Survivors of physical abuse may have experienced actual or attempted infliction of physical pain with or without use of an object or weapon. This also includes the use of severe corporal punishment.

Emotional Abuse & Psychological Maltreatment
Psychological and emotional abuse are acts of commission against a minor child, other than physical or sexual abuse, that caused or could have caused conduct, cognitive, affective or other mental disturbance. This includes verbal abuse, emotional abuse, or excessive demands on a child's performance that may lead to negative self-image and disturbed behaviour. Also, acts of omission against a minor child that caused or could have caused conduct, cognitive, affective or other mental disturbance, such as emotional neglect or intentional social deprivation are also types of abuse.

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This is failure by a child victim's caretaker(s) to provide needed, age-appropriate care although financially able to do so or offered financial or other means to do so. It may include physical neglect, medical neglect, or educational neglect.

Serious Accident, Illness, or Medical Procedure

Trauma may be caused by an unintentional injury or accident, having a physical illness, or experiencing medical procedures that are extremely painful and/or life-threatening.

Traumatic Grief or Separation

Death of a parent, primary caretaker, or sibling causes trauma. This includes abrupt or unexpected, accidental, or premature death or homicide of a close friend, family member, or other close relative. It may also apply to abrupt, unexplained, and/or indefinite separation from a parent, primary caretaker or sibling due to circumstances beyond the child victim's control.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) describes symptoms associated with a traumatic event – such as a car accident, witnessing violence, or natural disaster. The symptoms may include recurrent bad dreams, physical reactions, flashbacks, startle reaction, loss of interest in usual activities, and avoiding reminders of the event

Complex Trauma

A complex trauma or developmental trauma disorder describes how children's exposure to multiple or prolonged traumatic events impacts their ongoing development. Typically, complex trauma exposure involves the simultaneous or sequential occurrence of child maltreatment and may include psychological maltreatment, neglect, physical, and sexual abuse, and witnessing domestic violence.

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