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Therapeutic Clinical Counselling & Hypnotherapy with Anthony Fenech

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Add real value to your business or company using corporate counselling & hypnotherapy and employee assistance programmes from Anthony Fenech in the United Kingdom. Solving employee problems can add productivity in the workplace and increase staff and colleague satisfaction.

A Motivated Workforce

Advanced Therapeutic Clinical Counselling & Hypnotherapy adds value by helping to maintain a happy, healthy, and motivated workforce. This makes excellent financial sense in the long term.

The Problem of Employee Issues

Employees are very important to many organisations. However, personal and emotional problems can and do affect an employee's ability to perform on a job. These problems affect work performance, morale, and a company's productivity and profitability. Personal problems lead to excessive employee absenteeism, lack of productivity and increased turnover, as well as an increase in accidents and worker compensation claims. This is costly to both the worker and to the employer.

Reducing Stress

Stress is officially recorded as a major cause of work-related ill health. Employers have a legal obligation to staff that have been signed off with work-related stress. If that same member of staff is signed off with work-related stress again, you can be held accountable unless you have demonstrated that you have done all you can to support them.

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Employee Assistance

An employee assistance programme offers a comprehensive means of helping companies and their employees effectively deal with problems. These problems, whether related to alcoholism, drug dependency, marital issues, bullying, family problems, or personal difficulties can and are being successfully treated through Intensive Therapeutic Clinical Counselling & Hypnotherapy. If there is any specific issues or problems which we can help with then please contact us and we can work together to find a solution to suit both parties. We are all in this together and your company's success is our success as well so we want the whole company to succeed and we will work towards a common goal.

Anthony Fenech also provides an ongoing support service for your employees where they can get ongoing help and support whenever they need it. We care about the people we treat and our speciality is in helping everyone to succeed.

Contact Leading Counsellor & Hypnotherapist Anthony Fenech to find out more about corporate therapy and employee assistance programmes.