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About the Popular Clinical Counsellor & Hypnotherapist Anthony Fenech

Achieve your emotional goals through tailored, intensive clinical counselling with The UK's Leading Counsellor & Hypnotherapist Anthony Fenech of HypnoticNLP in London & throughout the United Kingdom. Sort out your problems on a quicker timeframe with this thorough method. If you are looking for a long-term solution rather than a quick fix, this is for you.

Experience & Expertise

A well-established Leading Counsellor & Hypnotherapist, Anthony Fenech has 12 therapy albums that he has sold on Amazon™ and iTunes™ worldwide. He is fully qualified and offers groundbreaking techniques and state-of-the-art counselling.


Backed by more than a decade of experience, Anthony Fenech is a full professional member of the National Hypnotherapy Society (NHS) and fully accredited with the National Accredited Register.

Working with You

HypnoticNLP gives more of his time to you in order to produce the desired outcome. He works with you until your objective has been achieved.

Anthony also offers an Ongoing Support Service to ensure that you have all the support and help you need, until you no longer need any support or help with your issue.

Contact The UK's Premier Counsellor & Hypnotherapist Anthony Fenech in London about his sessions using Advanced Techniques.

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