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HypnoticNLP provides Clinical Counselling & Hypnotherapy to the highest standards including the very latest techniques to ensure you succeed.


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 Advanced Clinical Counselling & Hypnotherapy with Anthony Fenech

Leading Counsellor & Hypnotherapist Anthony Fenech helps people in the UK to Succeed!

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End your smoking habit and overcome your dependence on drugs with addiction treatment using counselling & hypnotherapy.

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Overcome and resolve symptoms related to traumatic experiences using counselling therapy& hypnosis provided by therapist Anthony Fenech.

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Maintain your employees’ health and morale with corporate counselling & hypnosis as part of employee assistance programmes.


10% Discount available for new clients. Plus for every session you book with HypnosisNLP Charity, a further 10% of the booking fee will go to help people in Poverty to get the Therapy they badly need. Thank You!  

Request the most advanced counselling & hypnotherapy, with the very latest techniques, to ensure you succeed.

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Contact The UK's Premier Counsellor & Hypnotherapist Anthony Fenech Today! We Tailor all our Bespoke Therapy Sessions just for you! Please provide as much information as possible, so that we can help you Best of All. Anthony Fenech helps People all over the United Kingdom to Succeed!

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